Monday, August 27, 2012

Making News Not About Me All About Me

I just got the exciting news that I am going to be an aunt again! To make this all about me, one reason I am so excited about this is because if I do become a SMC (or if I meet Mr. Right and become a mom by other means) it would be nice for my kids to have cousins their own age. Granted, I am at least three years out from being able to seriously pursue my desire- which is good, because, as a single woman with only a moderate income, deciding to have a child is not something to undertake lightly!- but this would at least make my child a little closer in age than to the cousins who have already arrived. Of course, I have a younger sibling also, so if he decides to settle down, maybe we would be having kids at the same time.
This is important to me because I want my child to have familial roots and if I am only able to have one child, I want him to have someone else that he can be close with. S/he will likely lose their grandparents and even parent (me) at a younger stage in life than many his/her age and will need that link to someone else.
You will likely be hearing much more about my thoughts on family as I’m currently taking a course about the family. As much as I believe that it is possible to become so close to someone emotionally that they are like family, if your interests diverge, you may grow apart. With family there is something else there that keeps you coming back even when you have virtually no common interests. I want my child to have that bond as well as the bonds with his/her like-family-friends. I truly want to give him/her a full-blood sibling that he will be close to in both ways, but we all know that siblings don’t always have the friendship-bond and I’m not sure I’ll be able to afford this once much less twice!
Of course, I am also just excited to have another niece/nephew (I do already know but it isn’t my news to share). I really love my nieces and nephews and have gotten to enjoy them much more as a single auntie than I ever would have if I already had children of my own.

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