Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Where Were You When the World Stopped Turning?

In some ways it seems like we have forgotten 9/11 and in may ways we have. The comraderie that we all felt in the weeks after that event has lessened, references to God and prayer again cause offense that was overlooked at that time, but no one has forgotten the shock or the fear and sorrow that we felt. Where were you?

I was working. The radio was on. They announced that someone had flown a plane into one of the towers. The announcement made it sound like it was a small plane accident. I'm not sure anyone knew what was going on, really, at that time. I remember thinking, "How dumb can you be not to see a tower in your flight path?" Terrorism never crossed my mind. As it became clear that this was not an accident and the reports came in of a second plane, then a third, I worried about friends I knew living and visiting in Pennsylvania. Then a fourth plane. I went home at lunch and just watched in shock at the TV. I didn't want to go back to work. I just wanted my family near me. For three days, I watched TV every second I could hoping for good news of survivors. Eventually, I had to turn the news off and watch something else. And life goes on. I was fortunate not to know anyone who was killed. In fact, it was five years later before I met someone who knew someone (several actually) who had been killed, who was one of the people who had to go through the experience of the process to identify pieces of a best friend.
If you were one of those people, please know that 11 years later, I am hurting with you and sending an internet hug {{{{{hug}}}} your way!

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