Thursday, May 23, 2013


Nothing even minorly profound to post today (hmmn- did you know that minorly isn’t a word?). Since I last posted, I haven't been back to that church, though I plan to go this Sunday. I was contacted and I explained my fears. I was referred to the pastor. I suppose that I will call for an appointment, though I'm not sure why I should use up any of his time. This isn't anything emergent.

There is another church that I am considering. My biggest issue is that I hate the music service. It is 15 minutes of sitting in the dark listening to semi-professionals sing songs that I don't know. I usually just show up 15 minutes late, but it seems rather pointless to join a church where one of the things I most enjoy is missing. But I really like the sermons and, while this really shouldn’t be a consideration, they have a ministry for older singles, something I’ve never had the opportunity to be a part of. Is it possible to join three churches and just take what you want from each. . .

In other news, I finished two more courses earlier this month, and have already begun one of the two courses I will take this summer. I will start the fall semester with 30 credits to go-- I will officially be a senior!

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