Thursday, December 5, 2013

God loves you. He just loves you.

I am commenting on another post today. This one is from one of my favorite sites, Recovering Grace.

I remember the exact moment when I realized that Jesus loved me—and LIKED me—ALL the time, not just when I had performed correctly. My life seemed like it was falling apart around me. I was no longer able to control everything and come across as a “godly” person. I started having panic attacks, and because I didn’t know what they were, I was worried that I might be dying. I was trying to find the reason all of this mess was happening (because there is always a reason, right?), searching my heart and past actions until I was completely confused.

Somehow, in spite of everything, I was still clinging to my relationship with Jesus because I did understand that I was a sinner and He was my Savior. So I took a walk in the woods at my favorite park and talked with Jesus. I told Him that I was a mess and I didn’t know what I’d done to make it this way, but that I was sorry. I remember exactly where I was standing when I knew in my heart that He loved me anyway. There wasn’t an audible voice, but the God of the universe spoke clearly to my heart:

“I have never loved you more than I do right now.”

It is truly an amazing moment when you realize that God loves you. He just loves you. It isn't dependent on what you do, good or bad. He just does. Many people think that means that you are going to go crazy and do sinful things-- or things they consider sinful- because you don't have to earn God's favor. But why would you want to displease someone who loves you no matter what you do. You want to please Him and that love will check your actions better than a list of rules you don't agree with or understand ever will. And you will feel so free because your motivation is completely different.

I can’t pin point the exact moment when I began to realize the true love of God. There are still times when I fall back into old patterns, but I am learning, and, I hope, pleasing the One Who loves me because I want to and I get to, not because I have to in order to be pleasing to Him. It is a fine line of difference, but one that makes all the difference.

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