Friday, October 16, 2015

No Lover, by Natalie Ray

Chuck Swindoll read this poem on today's "Insight for Living" radio broadcast. It--naturally--really struck a chord in me. I have crossed out the parts that don't apply to me (and make me all the more pathetic). Struggling with this right now. God is good--ultimately. But even in Pastor Swindoll's example, Joseph went through hell. Yes, what his brothers intended for evil, God was using to bring about the ultimate good for Jacob's family and, through them, the entire nation of Israel. And Joseph knew, trusted, believed that. It does not change the fact that Joseph's life sucked (forgive my French) for many, many years. It may have been good for Israel; that doesn't mean that it was good, personally, for Joseph. Yep, that's what I'm dealing with.

by Natalie Ray

No lover makes my kiss his quest,
No hand across the table reaches mine.
No precious baby nestles at my breast,
No one to need my body, where is the sign
That God my Father loves me? Surely He
Creates this wealth of love to over flow,
How can it be that none who wanted me
Has become mine?
Why did I tel them, "No?"

But do they really matter, all the Why's?
Could all the answers take away the pain,
Or all the reasons really dry my eyes, though from
Heaven's Court? I weep again.
My God, You have saved me from Hell's black abyss;
So save me now from the tyranny of bitterness!

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