Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Happy New Year!!

I’m not very good at this am I? Still suffering from writing overkill from this past summer. I told my advisor I was done with papers; we had to find classes where I didn’t have to write papers. In fact, by the end of the semester, I was getting so burnt out that even though ASL was an option, I opted out. I would love to learn more, though I’m not sure there is any purpose to it. I no longer have much contact with deaf people and my wrist still get awfully sore from finger-spelling words I don’t know or words that don’t have signs. Anyway, I wimped out and went with 5 credits of computer classes. Two are just one weekend each. The other is a web building course and since I have built a few myself, I’m hoping that it won’t be too taxing.

Then graduation. Then my administrative professional certification. Then? My second job has had some ups and downs to it. And I basically get minimum wage for overnights. I need to find something else. Or maybe I need to find a new main job that will pay enough that I don’t have to work two jobs. I just enjoy where I work and hate to leave. Not sure that I can keep working two jobs while I wait for my supervisor to retire, though, and I still have no real guarantee that I would be promoted to her job.

Which puts any thoughts of barn building or baby making farther into the future. Sigh.

New Year’s Resolutions? I’ve never been a fan, but I do need to stop gaining weight (thank you hypothyroidism) so I’m exploring doing a different “way of eating” (not a diet!) every month to keep mixing it up on my metabolism. So far I’ve got two days of green smoothies for breakfast and no Mountain Dews in. I have given in to the caffeine headache and indulged in a small can of diet coke. Need to get rid of the belly, though I’ve amused myself in thinking, “This is how I’d feel pregnant”—except I will probably be one of those people who gain 100 lbs. while pregnant and never lose an ounce after the birth or while breastfeeding.

Wow, isn’t this post encouraging? Don’t you feel inspired? To redeem myself, below are some pictures that never fail to make me feel much better.

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