Monday, May 12, 2014

Happy No One Wanted You; You're Not a Mother's Day!

My Mother’s Day with my mom was wonderful. One of my siblings, their SO, and I made lunch (and we made sure not to leave a mess). It was a good day. But, it didn’t start out that great for me. By 8:05, I’d already been reminded TWICE that I wasn’t a mom, and probably never would be. About 7:45 the next care giver came to relieve me and I was asked, “Are you a mom?” I said “No”, with a very regretful face thinking that this would end this line of questioning. After all, according to the CDC, 10% of women in the US experience fertility issues. But she didn’t take the hint. “Well, your biological clock is ticking.” Thanks for that! I replied, “It has already gone off” and walked out the door. I rushed to make it to church only a few minutes late and was greeted at the door, “Are you a mother?” “No,” I said, with the same regretful face. “Well, have a happy Mother’s Day, anyway.” While this is a slightly better response, coming on top of the earlier conversation, I was reeling. When the pastor mentioned “umbrella of protection”, even in passing, I was about ready to walk out and declare this day a loss before it even reached 9:00 am.

On another note, one year from this Saturday, I should finally be graduating with my bachelor's degree. Sometimes I feel that I am getting farther and farther from someday becoming a mother (through embryo donation or adoption) rather than making any progress towards that even being a possibility. Graduation will definitely be a positive step.

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